Milk Share

Here you will find a wide range of healthy, fresh dairy, and poultry products that were proudly produced at our farm and by our cows, chickens, and ducks! Our cows, chickens and ducks are grass-fed and given absolutely NO hormones and NO antibiotics.

Only out of necessity and health of our cows will we feed grain. Lack of rain and forage available to our cows is the determining factor. Additionally, our chickens are fed a non corn, non soy and non gmo feed to supplement their diet. We believe and practice Farming Naturally!

Our cows are primarily pasture fed but do receive grain while in the milking parlor. Each of our cows have carefully thought out names and hold very dear places in our hearts. They are Awesome Employees!


Become a Milk Share Member and get raw milk every week!  The easiest way to get raw milk in Texas is by owning a milk share.  Why you ask?  The only raw milk you can drink is the milk from your own cow or through owning a share of a herd as it is illegal in Texas to buy and sell raw milk (milk that is unpasteurized). Unless you are a certified RAW DAIRY by the state.   Therefore on Lee-Lynns  Farm and Ranch,  we have provided the opportunity for you to board your herd/cow on our farm.

Don’t worry, it’s easy! Pay a one-time very low fee for the milk share membership (now you own a share of the cows! and do not have to care for them, house them, or anything else associated with the cows), and like a subscription, you pay for the weekly service fee for us to care for your cows. IE: Feeding, brushing, milking, etc.,  and you have EASY LOCAL pick up, or a delivery by another Milk Share Member to a specified location. 

One share is approximately 1 gallon of milk each week.  *** There are only so many shares available, so act quickly. ***

Now how simple is that? Easy Peezy! Right?

Enjoy a great glass of cold raw milk.  Our cows are pastured and grazed on land that is free from herbicides and pesticides!

Pastured raw milk has a beautiful creamy color and because it is not homogenized, the cream rises to the top and so should be shaken before using. It is also not pasteurized so it has all the essential nutrients and enzymes naturally found in milk. And It is loaded with healthy bacteria and beneficial raw fats. Our milk is naturally delicious and bottled straight from the cow!

How To Become a Milk Share Member

Step 1

Step 2

To get raw milk in Texas you need to belong to a Milk Share Member Program ( also known as a herd share ), or purchase your raw milk from a certified raw milk dairy.

For our small dairy, all you need to do is fill out the Milk Share Agreement with the following information:
  • Your Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address

Sign and Date the agreement, and either E-Mail the agreement to us, or give it to us at the market, or deliver it to the farm and that is all that it takes to be a Milk Share Member.

After we receive your Signed and Dated milk share agreement. You will be an official Milk Share Member! and yes you will own a share of a cow!

We ask that you place your milk share request order by Wednesday of each week. for pickup or delivery on that coming Saturday.  We understand people go on vacation or may not need milk, or milk products the that week.  Just let us know by Wednesday, so we can be sure to have enough milk for all share holders. 

If the production is low, milk share requests will be filled on the first come – first serve basis – ( E-Mail Date and Time Stamp ), and if for any reason we cannot fulfill your request, we will contact you as soon as time permits. See how Easy Peezy this is.