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 Natural Farming Evolution

Welcome to the Natural  Farming Evolution.  Give optimum satisfaction to your taste buds & open up your senses with Wholesome, Pesticide, and Hormone Free food.

Food that will leave you feeling refreshed & nourished to feel all the wonders of the world! 


Our Mission

Our Goal / Mission  at Lee-Lynns Farm & Ranch is to apply and maintain the highest standards of natural We are striving to provide you with the finest Farm to Fork Experience with our Natural Farming practices.

But what is natural farming you ask? In a nut shell… natural farming is a nature-centered farming approach. Natural farming is the process of increasing and maintaining the health of soil, crops and various living organisms without using man made chemicals!

This method only increases the nutritious value of your food.    If We don’t eat what we grow…  Then Why Should You!

What our customers have to say!

Jane Sloan
I love LEE-LYNNS FARM & RANCH. The ducks eggs are so fresh!

Randy Harrison
I wanted to say thank you. I come to the Dallas Farmers Market every week, and you guys always show so much respect for your customers, and the information about eggs is really cool man. I wish other vendors at the farmers market were as nice and friendly. Thanks man – you guys rock

Karen Ana
Excellent products very happy would recommend this farm to anyone

Rosa Martinez
I tried your eggs. The yolks were so yellow. I hope to see you again next week in Waco and the water bowl for the dogs is a nice touch.

Linze Dawn
Absolutely delish!!! Rick and Terry do it right. Highly recommend!

Missy Roberts
Wanted to say my kids really like the Farm Fresh BUTT Nuggets! Great Signage!

Karen Martin
My first visit to their stand was delightful and the overall experience was impressive. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Jennifer Lowery
Best eggs and chicken ever! Please support this local farm run by awesome people! 

Mitch Anderson
Hey Support these Guys, Great Customer Service – not to mention awesome eggs and chicken.

Brenda Carrol
We need more Farmers Like these guys. These guys really care about what they are selling. They  are really good people, help support them.  Oh yeah and talk about chicken it is so good!

Kathy Hernandez
You won’t find chicken and eggs like this is the store the taste is so wonderful.  Real FOOD like mema cooks.

Johnny Whitehall
Wow these are the freshest eggs, I love my Lee-Lynns farms eggs.