Taste of the Farm

The Broiler Harvest


At Lee-Lynn’s we offer a variety of different pastured-poultry offerings! We offer “The Basic Broiler Harvest” this offering is a great way to venture into the world of pastured-poultry! If you have never had a pasture raised chicken dinner, you are in for a real treat! We start off with three-day old chicks, and we monitor and raise them through the finished product. The average weight is somewhere between 4 to 6 pounds and it is our hope that the price point will allow you the gourmand to experience what real chicken tastes like! Priced at $4.39 a pound. This is a whole chicken.

The French Treat in Texas

American Breese

The French argue that for a Bresse to be called a Bresse it must have been raised in France. (For this reason at Lee-Lynns Farm & Ranch we make a clear distinction from French-hatched birds by referring to our chickens as American Bresse.) At Lee-Lynns Farm, we approximate the traditional methods of raising Bresse in this country by providing them access to pasture and finishing them on grains and dairy products. The average weight is somewhere between 4 and 6 pounds.! Priced at $8.99 a pound. This is a whole chicken.

The German Treat in Texas


The introduction of modern chicken breeds is often accompanied with much hype, but in the case of the Bielefelders the superlatives happen to be true. If you could choose only one breed of chicken to keep the Bielefelder would be the breed to select. Their large meaty carcasses, huge eggs, autosexing function, gentle temperaments, and beautiful feathers make them a top choice in almost every category. Priced at $10.99 a pound. This is a whole chicken.

The Grand LoneStar Treat in Texas


The most unique chicken on the planet! Revered for its striking, all-black appearance, this Indonesian chicken is known for its black feathers, black skin, black comb, black flesh, black organs, and black bones. This Indonesian breed known as Ayam Cemani takes ‘dark’ into an entirely different realm. Their feathers are black. Their skin is black. The organs are black, and the meat is black anchored to black bones. And what do you get for all this unrelenting blackness? One of the most beautiful chickens in the world; a chicken so spectacular and exotic that it is referred to as the “Lamborghini of poultry.”

In Asia, Ayam Cemani are renowned as much for the mystical powers of their black meat as they are for their extraordinary ink-black feathers that shimmer with a metallic sheen of beetle green and purple. . A typical laying cycle lasts for about 20 to 30 eggs, then the hen will stop laying for three to six months. The Average weight is 5 to 6 pounds. ! Priced at $25.99 a pound. This is a whole chicken.