What's New and Happening Around The Farm

June 2018

Well, this has been a very challenging year! Terry and I have been implementing many changes to our farm. We have hatched oh gazillions of chicks. I didn't realize how much fun and not to mention educational this adventure was going to be!

Baby chicks are just an enity of thier own. One day they are running all over the place making so much noise and the next day they just sit around being quite! Oh yeah, I talk to them, and they seem to know when I am around - NO not just at feeding time... I call them and they come runnin over to see what I am doing. Okay, well maybe they are just looking for food, but who cares, they are my mcnuggets that I have hatched and raised!

May 2018

Lets talk about baby ducks... My friend Pam said I have been collecting duck eggs and would you like to try and hatch them? Well, duh!!! yeah I wanna try that, so into the incubator they went! I didn't really know what to expect, I have read that ducks are really dificult to hatch, hmmm I wonder if they will hatch and be ready to run to the pond?

It so happens that out of 40 duck eggs, 32 hatched!! Geeze talk about being little, these little fuzz balls are so cute!!! There are mallards, grey ducks, yellow ducks, some with powder puff balls on thier head, and some are just crosses from the "duckyard" OK.. Who's your daddy??? !

So now what do I do? I setup a small chicken tractor in the barn, with heat lamps and waters and of course feed bowls. What I didn't know was "Ducks know what water is from DAY ONE!!" talk about a mess, they get into those waterers and I have no idea how they can take (3) 1.5 quart water containers and have it all over the bedding in like 20 minutes. I have constantly changed the bedding to keep them dry. So it has been 6 weeks in the barn, and a constant supply of flake shavings from TSC to keep the tractor dry. Note to self... Ahhhhhh think about the duck thing again!!

Well, now they are in thier new home in the barnyard, I built a Quack House for them! They are gowing like weeds!! and the sweet little peeping sound has turned into QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK. Here is the kicker - they are all females!!