What's New and Happening Around The Farm

March, 2019

Well, 2018 was a very challenging year! Terry and I had a lot of set backs. The weather last year was just horrific! No matter what we did, misters, heavy duty fans, 6 extra baby pools , nothing seemed to help. We lost a lot of birds due to the extream heat. But since then, we have made and have been implementing many changes to our farm, we added new structures and set up systems to better fend off this Texas Heat. We have hatched oh gazillions of chicks and ducks. I didn't realize how much fun and not to mention educational this adventure was going to be!

Baby chicks and ducklings are just an enity of thier own. One day they are running all over the place making so much noise and the next day they just sit around being quite! Oh yeah, I talk to them, and they seem to know when I am around - NO not just at feeding time... I call them and they come runnin over to see what I am doing. Okay, well maybe they are just looking for food, but who cares, they are my mcnuggets that I have hatched and raised!